A Revolutionary Method to Treat Ingrown Toenails Without Surgery or Pain

Utilizing a hardened composite material and an LED light to cure the composite, Onyfix is a revolultionary nail correction system, which takes ingrown toenails back to their natural shape without the need for surgery or any pain.

  1. The Onyfix composite is spread on the nail to create a reshaping path.

  2. After the composite has hardened, the nail correction system fixes the nail in its proximal shape without any tension.

  3. The Onyfix nail correction system ensures that this shape is retained as the nail grows naturally.

  4. Once complete, the compositie is removed and the nail continues to grow naturally.


  • Surgery-free; pain-free

  • Rapid treatment/healing process

  • Induces a natural growth process

  • Safe for all patients; but particular at-risk diabetic feet

  • No patient activity restrictions

  • Topicals and nail polishes can still be used

Your Starter Set Includes Enough Materials for Approximately 60-80 Patient Applications

1 Primer 5ml tube | 1 Hard 4.5g tube | 1 Soft 3ml tube | 1 Blue Light LED Lamp | 6 Cannulas (6pk) | 1 Spatula | 4 Cotton-Tipped Applicators

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