Q’Ur Nail
Keeping Toenails Healthy and Fungus-Free

Q’urNail™ is based on Life Science Technology utilizing proprietary delivery system (Nu-Cell Direct™). The formulation combines 6 Anti-Bacterial Agents (Bacto-Stat™ Complex) & 5 Anti-Oxidants (AXN™ Complex).

Topical formula can be used for fingernail and toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, cuticle infections, ingrown nails, and as a disinfectant for manicure/pedicure tools and other implements that could spread infection.

Non-toxic, easy-to-use and in a convenient dropper bottle to avoid cross contamination.

Q’urNail™ Benefits Include:

  • Reduces Destructive Effects Caused by Fungus in Toenails

  • Improves Appearance of Affected Area and Surrounding Skin

  • Nourishes Nails

  • Helps Alleviate Signs of Nail Fungus

  • Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination

  • Provides With Long-Lasting Protection

  • Useful for Nails, Cuticles & Skin where Fungus occurs



Ingredients composing QurNail™ are marketed with proven high-level anti-fungal activity.
The proprietary Nano-Complex™ of BactoStat™ & AXN™ in addition combining Anti-Free Radical Scavengers are essential to support natural defense mechanisms against adverse effects of fungal invasion and normal nail growth and shape.

– Recovery of nail and cuticle inflammation – 82.5% –
– Restoration of nail shape and growth – 91.5.% –
– Eradication of discomfort in affected area – 100.0% –

6 Anti-Microbial Agents

Destroying the cellular
wall of fungi

Inhibiting fungal cell
respiration and metabolism

Inhibiting fungal reproduction

AXN™ – 5 Anti-Oxidants

Helps eliminates toxins

Cleanses the problem area

Promotes self-healing processes

Prohibits reoccurring fungi

Strengthens nails

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