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Targeting Fungus at its Source.

Micro-drilling is a pain-free procedure that creates micro-pores into patients’ nail plates allowing oil-free, topical antifungals to reach  the nail bed.  By drilling through the nail plate, podiatrists are now able to more effectively treat the source of a fungal problem.

STEP 1: Micro-Drill Into Patient Nail Plate
STEP 2: Spray Oil-Free Antifungal Topical Into Micro-Pores
STEP 3: Spray Daily Until Nail/Holes Grow Out

Patients Experience ZERO PAIN
Due to impedance technology, PathFormer knows when to auto-retract before it ever reaches the soft tissue of a patient’s nail bed. Plus, NO DEBRIDEMENT is necessary! Patients do not need to suffer the loss of their nail(s).

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Micro-Drilling Studies

Rapid Treatment of Subungual Onychomycosis Using Controlled Micro Penetration and Terbinafine Solution
August 2016 | Journal of Drugs and Dermatology | Volume 5 | Issue 8

An open comparative study of nail drilling as adjunctive treatment for toenail onychomycosis.
March 2016 | Journal of Dermatological Treatment | Volume 27 | Issue 5

Healthy Nail Growth from Matrix – 90 Days Post Procedure

PathFormer Micro-Drilling Impedence Technology

PathFormer Micro-Drilling Takes 5 Seconds per Micro-Pore/Hole

Close-Up of PathFormer Micro-Needles and Impedence Technology

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